Thursday, April 12, 2012

PLEASE! Run Our Renovation America!!!

Hey DIY! Thank you for checking out our blog!!! We want to be on the next RUN MY RENOVATION!!! So send John and Joanie to Maumelle and lets get started on what America thinks should be our new Master Bath!!!

Now, here are just a few more pictures of our bathroom and our family!

Spaceship inspired lights...

builders grade mirror over the vanity. Under the sinks are TINY and really offer no usable storage for things like towels! We have to remember to get a towel from above the toilet or we run across the bathroom naked and cold after a shower! Not pretty!!!

Way too big tub and random craftsman window. The tub is so big that by the time you finish filling it, the water is cold and the hot water tank is empty!!!

Brass. Need I say more?

Worlds smallest shower door! I know this can't really be helped, but I would love to break into that wall to the left (by the sink) and have it all glass so at least the shower felt bigger!

inside of the shower

more brass, and very wimpy shower head!

Bench that is just a catchall for our collection of bottles!

We do not have a craftsman style house! WHY is this here! Plus the green. Ugh.

The "thrown room" as we call it!

Only real usable storage.


ALL of our switches. The control the fan, vanity lights, spotlights above the tub, vent fan for the shower, and shower light.


Ugly green floor tiles.

more brass.

And now some pictures of our family!!! Meet the Brewers!!!

Ava, at 1 year

Cole and Rachel, Sept. 2010

Ava and Mommy, Christmas 2011

Ava and Mommy, Halloween 2010

Ava's 1st Halloween, 2010

Ava and Daddy snoozing, Feb 2010 (Ava was about 2 months)

Picking Daddy up for military leave from his latest tour of duty! Ava hadn't seen him since she was 2 months old (appx 9 months in picture, taken Sept. 2010)

Young and in love! Our rehearsal dinner, 11-30-2007